Course Description

A two-day course based on current research, includes stages of team development, the development of skills such as communication, especially listening, making decisions and solving problems in a group, understanding and respecting the different workstyles of oneself and others on the team.  Assessment:  MBTI® or DISC® taken on-line beforehand. This course is very interactive. Instruction with PowerPoint, structured activities in small and large groups, action planning and discussion groups are utilized. 

 Learning Objectives

After attending this course, participants will be able to:

  • Work more effectively with team members
  • Develop shared goals and processes with team members
  • Understand the impact of their workstyle on a team
  • Understand their Type team gifts and drawbacks
  • Develop respect for team members who have a different workstyle
  • Develop effective communication skills and know when to listen and when to contribute
  • Develop team alignment skills
  • Develop problem solving and decision-making skills in a team setting
  • Develop an Action Plan for continued team skill building

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