SDI is a powerful tool for all levels of an organization.  It’s based on powerful yet simple approaches to helping individuals and teams develop the awareness and skills they need to build more effective personal and professional relationships. It helps them sustain those relationships by understanding the underlying motivations of themselves and others under two conditions – when things are going well and when there is conflict.  By looking at the motives that drive behaviors aids in building effective communication and productive work relationships.

This approach is different from other assessments:

  • It reveals motives. SDI focuses not just on behaviors, but on the motives that drive behaviors and goes deeper to explore the causes of behaviors. We are all driven by self-worth – a motivation to be valued by ourselves and by others for the things that are important to us. SDI gets to the heart of what people value, and that not only builds greater self-awareness but also more empathy for the values and needs of others.
  • It’s bi-conditional. Work comes with stress and conflict, even in environments where everyone likes each other. The reality is, when things get stressful and conflict enters a work situation, our motives and reactions change. SDI measures the motives behind the behaviors when conditions are going well and when conditions involve the different stages of conflict.
  • It strengthens a weakness. It would be nice if we only had to use the behaviors we see as our strengths, and that’s what some tools recommend. But we don’t have the luxury of avoiding our perceived weaknesses. Nor should we avoid them. SDI recognizes that there are times when we need to use different behaviors based on the conditions, our motives, and the motives that are driving others. There are times when we can over-use our comfortable strengths and times when strengths we see as “weak” can become our greatest allies.
  • It’s a system of its own. When you go into an organization, you face two systems: The human systems and the organizational systems. SDI is designed to improve both. The assessments improve human systems by creating more productive cultures, more collaborative teams, high-performing individuals, stronger relationships and a foundation for ongoing learning.


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