Day 1 – Federal Retirement Benefit Training (FERS & CSRS)

This extensive two-day workshop will help the federal employee understand the Federal Retirement system. After the training, the employee will be able to successfully navigate what can be a difficult and confusing transition. At retirement, federal employees are required to make many decisions that will have permanent consequences on their futures. This course offers an in-depth knowledge of the federal retirement system. Both FERS and CSRS systems will be discussed in great detail. Each training participant will have the opportunity to learn valuable information to help them identify and manage key decisions to be made at retirement.

Learning Objectives

  • Comprehend annual annuity in retirement and discuss the various Survivor Benefit Options available
  • Understand how Service History can impact your eligibility for retirement compensation and your Service Computation Date
  • Develop a thorough understanding of the Thrift Savings Plan’s funds, match and allocation. Traditional and Roth TSP will be explained and withdrawals in retirement
  • Learn how the Standardized Earnings Test applies to the FERS Special Retirement Supplement and Social Security benefits
  • Comprehend how the Federal Employees’ Health Benefit Program (FEHB) works in retirement with Medicare

Day 2 – Retirement Training – “What’s Next?”

This one-day workshop will help the federal employee define and explore what retirement would look like to them.  It will help employees begin thinking about the transition from their current employment to envisioning the future possibilities of “What’s Next?”. They will be led through several activities that will help them to consider transforming their attitudes and approaches for their retirement years. 

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how the world is redefining aging and retirement
  • Begin the internal exploration of what has meaning and value for your life
  • Identify values and create a vision, purpose and goals and give direction in the second half
  • Expand your network and connect to others
  • Examine our mental maps and self-talk that get in the way of moving forward and exploring possibilities

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