Course Description

A two day-long workshop which includes a thorough introduction to personality preference theory and its workplace applications, and which then focuses on how personality preference can be used to help manage others and lead more effectively. Of particular usefulness is learning how to manage, motivate, develop and discipline staff and appreciate individual differences.  (Assessment utilized:  MBTI®)


Learning Objectives: After attending this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand personality preferences of self and how they influence workplace behaviors and choices
  • Understand personality preferences of others and how they are demonstrated in workplace settings
  • Understand how to utilize the personality insights to improve workplace interactions creating clearer communication, easier problem solving, higher performing teams, more harmonious relationships
  • Understand the Temperament differences in making choices and world view
  • Understand how to utilize the Temperament knowledge in learning, teaching, leading and in relationships at home and at work
  • Experience the Type and Temperament differences through structured activities focusing on workplace issues: clear communication, problem solving and decision-making, working on a team, leading and managing
  • Understand how to utilize Type and temperament to build a strong team
  • Understand how to utilize Type and temperament to effectively lead staff whose type and temperament are different from one’s own
  • Appreciate and respect personality and Temperament differences of others

Apply personality preference insights in Action Planning for increasing understanding of self and others

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