The MBTI® assessment is an on-line, research-based tool to help you to understand your own thinking style preferences, how they are the same or different from the preferences of others and to understand how to work with and appreciate the ways these differences can produce great results. The MBTI® is one of the most respected and widely used personality assessments, translated into over 30 languages and with a data base of millions. The MBTI® does not measure intelligence, aptitude, mental health or values.

The report contains how you:

  • Interact with the world and utilize energy
  • Make decisions and the basis for your decisions
  • Gather information and what kind you value
  • Prefer to structure or not structure your life

Phone and in-person consultation packages are available with a MBTI® Master Practitioner.

Administration Details – Items:  93; Time to Complete Online:  25-36 minutes

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