Course Description

This two-day workshop effectively addresses one of the biggest problems in the workplace:  job stress. 

Stress is an inevitable, even necessary, part of life.  Moderate stress can be energizing and motivating, presenting people with new experiences and challenges, as well as opportunities to do well with greater skill and enjoyment. Excessive stress can elicit the undesirable, puzzling, in-the-grip reactions typical of a particular personality type.  The MBTI® Stress Management Online Assessment is taken beforehand and describes how participants are likely to experience and react to stress.  People may not always be able to control or avoid the stresses in their life and work, but they can learn to deal with them, modify them, and grow from them.

The class utilizes PowerPoint presentations, videos, discussions in large and small groups, structured activities and Action Planning.

Learning Objectives: After attending this course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize that the ways you behave, react to others, and generally look at life when you are experiencing

stress are different than when you are not experiencing stress

  • Become aware of circumstances or events that are likely to trigger your stress reactions
  • Identify the most and least effective ways for you to deal with stress and your stress reactions
  • Identify the most and least helpful ways for others to respond to your stress reactions
  • Learn from your stress experiences and reactions so you can modify them rather than be controlled by them

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