Course Description

A “Management 101” two-day introduction to the critical elements of effective management for the new or trainee manager or supervisor. Topics include: managing meetings, knowing when and how to listen, to advise, to delegate, and reprimand. Participants will self-evaluate and develop their own management skills development plan. Instruction with PowerPoint, structured activities in small and large groups, discussion groups and individual Action Plans are utilized. Assessments such as MBTI® or DiSC® may be utilized. The course is very interactive.


Learning Objectives: After attending this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the new demands and expectations in the role of manager
  • Understand the new skills to be developed and the opportunity to practice them
  • Discuss the management or staff issues which will develop or already have developed and get new perspective and suggestions for resolving problems
  • Understand their own workstyle, and the strengths and blind spots of their style
  • Understand how to work effectively with staff with a different workstyle
  • Communicate more skillfully, especially in effective listening to staff
  • Develop an Develop an Action Plan for further management skill development

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