Course Description

A two-day course includes Myers-Briggs Personality Preferences in the Workplace, Managing for Diversity in the Workplace, Effective Coaching Skills for Managers, and Delegation. Focus: skill-building, research and essential concepts for those managing and leading others, such as communicating effectively, motivating, delegating, advising, coaching staff and staying up to date on their progress. This course is very interactive. Instruction with PowerPoint, structured activities in small and large groups, action planning and discussion groups are utilized. (Assessment utilized:  MBTI®)


Learning Objectives: After attending this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand their own workstyle and management style, with the strengths and challenges of each
  • Understand how to motivate, manage and lead staff, including staff with different workstyles than their own
  • Understand the Emotional Intelligence model and how it pertains to leading, and to managing self and others
  • Develop skills in communication, including listening effectively, clarifying assumptions, ensuring that data received from the staff member are clear and unambiguous, and stating own’s own needs, issues and requirements in language that the staff can understand
  • Develop skills to delegate effectively, including monitoring guidelines
  • Understand basics of coaching for improved performance
  • Create a diverse and inclusive work environment based on mutual respect
  • Understand the basics of effectively monitoring staff work without micro-managing
  • Develop the skills and comfort with handling staff performance and dealing with performance issues
  • Develop an Action Plan for continuous skill development

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