Course Description

One of the most frustrating challenges a supervisor or manager faces is a poor performer. The poor performance may be chronic and habitual or brief and transient. Both interfere with the individual’s and the work group’s production and affect morale. Chronic poor performers who are not dealt with by the supervisor or manager produce a significant rise in dissatisfaction of other staff members, especially if they perceive that they are doing more than their share while the poor performer is doing less.

Participants in this 2-Day interactive course will learn how to determine the root cause of the poor performance and how to deal with the individual effectively. The course will include research based information on motivation, human behavior, effective management skills, problem solving and decision making, documentation of poor performance, communication skills, motivation skills and the Arrow model.


Learning Objectives:  After attending this course, participants will be able to:

  • Analyze the cause of the poor performance to determine the most effective intervention
  • Design a customized plan of action for the specific circumstance
  • Determine appropriate consequences for lack (or partial lack) of observable change
  • Prepare thorough, objective documentation that will benefit both the employee and the organization
  • Identify the link between the poor performance and its effect on the organization

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