In addition, we provide Construction Partnering workshops for construction projects before the construction begins. We follow a process developed by the US Corps of Engineers in the early 1970’s, with a few additions. The process begins with each stakeholder group sharing their own needs and desires for the ideal completed project, as well as their concerns about obstacles which might impact the progress. The process moves to align all stakeholders input and develop a charter, which is then signed by all.

The Construction Partnering process has been instrumental in saving an immense amount of money due to disagreements, contract modifications, etc. even law suits against the government after the contract is completed.  A great deal of delays in the work and missing milestones is also eliminated by using this process to align everyone’s ideas and efforts before work begins.

The Management Edge® teaches the Partnering process as part of the USACE “conflict Management and Dispute Resolution” course which we revised for the Corps of Engineers in 2009. We have taught this 4.5-day course throughout the USA and in Germany since that time and offer a 2-day version, as well.

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