Coaching is an intensive process which focuses on the individual’s goals, issues, personal and organizational obstacles and desire to increase abilities, skills and success. It is a process which takes place over several months. On needs to be committed to the coaching meetings or phone calls and to completing any assessments or homework assigned by the coach. We require a commitment of at least 3 months, with a 6-month process more likely to create success.

We usually begin the process by acquiring information with a leadership knowledge assessment, a 360-degree feedback tool, or and a goals questionnaire, in addition to a personality assessment such as the MBTI® or DiSC®. We then work with the coaching client to map out a development plan.  When the plan is in place, we work through the process, reviewing progress as we proceed. There is a great deal of self-examination that is required, led by the coach, as well as feedback from the coach. The coaching process develops  many skills, as well as the awareness of strengths and obstacles to growth.

Coaching is generally provided by regular telephone calls.   We also utilize virtual sessions using video conferencing technology.  Depending on your goals, our coaching programs usually last anywhere from three months to a year.

The Management Edge® coaches are very experienced in both coaching, instructing, leadership and a variety of tools and processes.  Most are ICF certified.

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