Course Description

A workshop which combines MBTI® and personality preference theory with training in effective communicating, especially effective listening, conflict resolution, goal-setting, problem solving and decision-making and effective meeting management to lay the foundation for Team success. This course is very interactive and includes action planning. Instruction with PowerPoint, structured activities in small and large groups, action planning and discussion groups are utilized. The MBTI® will be taken on-line beforehand.  (Assessments utilized:  MBTI®)

Two consultants with different MBTI®profiles present this workshop and provide more one-on-one coaching and training. This TME two-day workshop has become a standard tool of DOD in its Multi-Agency Environmental Partnering Program.

Learning Objectives: After attending this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand personality preferences of self and others and how they influence workplace and team behaviors and choices
  • Understand the Temperament differences and how those contribute to a strong team
  • Experience the Type and Temperament differences through structured activities
  • Appreciate and respect personality and Temperament differences of others
  • Understand the stages of Team Development
  • Understand conflict management and resolution in general
  • Understand conflict management and resolution processes and techniques
  • Distinguish between problem solving and decision-making and understand the steps to resolve either
  • Understand the elements of effective meeting management

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