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Nancy Rouse


Nancy is an experienced technical and community outreach professional with a passion for building positive, productive relationships in a team setting. Over 20 years of experience in community relations, risk communications, environmental restoration, team building, and meeting facilitation and trainer for The Management Edge.

She builds client interaction and meeting management skills, coaches team members, facilitates meetings, leads consensus processes, intervening when difficult issues emerge and providing problem-solving, conflict management, and other skill sets. Nancy is skilled at using technical background to help teams clarify issues and craft consensus statements. She has facilitated over 65 multi-agency environmental restoration team meetings for six different teams including the NCBC Gulfport, NAS Meridian, WPSTA Yorktown, NAS Pensacola, Columbus AFB, and Keesler AFB Tier I Partnering Teams as well as the Mississippi Tier II Partnering Team. She is a Trainer for two-day training program designed to prepare new Team members for service on Base IRP Partnering Teams.

Nancy designed and implemented a comprehensive strategy for managing community concerns associated with dioxin contamination believed to be moving off base into a low-income community, including identifying and developing strategies for managing potential environmental justice concerns. She gained an understanding of community concerns and perceptions by meeting and speaking with community members, and conducting focus groups and community interviews. The information garnered from the community was used to update the facility’s Community Relations Plan as needed. She coordinated over 150 Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) meeting and public meetings and provided meeting facilitation, training, and advice to the RAB to improve their effectiveness. Nancy developed and implemented an outreach program prior to the initial off-base sampling efforts which included visiting schools to educate the students about the upcoming sampling events, participating in the local Earth Day program, outfitting an information van to follow the sampling team, and holding a series of public availability sessions to inform the community of the sampling plans and results. As Head of the Environmental Communications Team, organized ABB’s community relations professionals into a cohesive team and developed the program through mentoring and training. She worked with a variety of sites including fast-track BRAC sites (NAS Cecil Field and NTC Orlando), an Army Corps of Engineers facility (Weldon Springs Ordnance Works), and other Navy and commercial facilities.

She was invited to present RAB success stories at an all-service RAB seminar for EPA Region VI and a BRAC Environmental Coordinator (BEC) conference organized by Southwest Division, Naval Facilities Engineering Command.

Nancy has a B.S./Zoology, 1977, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
Graduate Studies in Hydrography and Geodesy, 1983, The Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA


Myers-Brigg Type Indicator (MBTI)