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Stephanie CarrollStephanie Carroll


Stephanie is recognized for accelerating progress, growth and change in organizations across a broad spectrum of industries. Her unique background and strategic approach to problem solving translates into business results through high performing individuals, groups and organizations.

She has extensive experience in building collaborative work environments, aligning corporate cultures, facilitating team and leadership development, performance-based coaching, communications, large group interventions, and planned organizational change initiatives.


  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator Behavioral Assessment
  • Conflict Dynamics Profile
  • Leadership Spectrum Profile
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Performance Coaching Advanced Training
  • Future Search Advanced Training

Drawing upon her past experiences and careers in various industries, Stephanie brings a broad approach to her client’s initiatives. She currently manages her own independent consulting practice and has been an internal organization development & change consultant for a large retailer, a partner with a consulting firm specializing in individual, team and executive effectiveness, an advertising agency team brand supervisor, a broadcast journalist and a specialist in communication, special events, marketing and public relations.

Stephanie has extensively studied the dynamics of groups and teams in a two-year human interaction lab, and received a Masters degree in Organizational Development and Change from the nationally-recognized American University/National Training Laboratory program.

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