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Judy Morris-HardyJudy Morris-Hardy


Judy has been a consultant team builder, facilitator, and trainer for The Management Edge since 1994. She has worked extensively with Tier I and Tier II partnering environmental restoration teams throughout the southeast and middle Atlantic regions of the United States. She has participated in numerous kick-off trainings and aided a wide variety of teams in addressing group process issues related to goal setting, defining roles and responsibilities, improving interpersonal relationships, managing conflict, learning decision making and problem solving tools, managing conflict, and dealing with the dynamics of difference. She has facilitated a number of teams over a sustained period of time and experienced their growth into high performance and maturity. Several of these teams have received national awards and recognition for their IRP programs.

A management and organization development consultant for over twenty- five years, Judy has worked with businesses and organizations-corporate, government, and non-profit-throughout the United States. She is president of her own company, Nexwork Consulting, an organization development consulting practice founded in 1989 and based in Tampa, Florida.


  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator® Behavioral Assessment
  • Appreciative Inquiry-basic and advanced design courses (Appreciative Inquiry Partners)
  • Large Group Interventions for Organizational Change (Albans and Bunker)
  • The Conference Model for Work Redesign (Axelrod Group)
  • Foundations for Dialogue (Dialogos)
  • Advanced Conflict Management (NTL)
  • Creating Community in the Face of Difference (Power and Systems)

A major focus of her practice is working with organizations to define their strategy through articulating and clarifying their purpose, vision, values, and goals. Advanced training and certifications in Future Search, Dialogue, and Appreciative Inquiry support her work in managing change in complex organizational systems.

Judy received a Masters degree in Organizational Development from nationally recognized American University/NTL.

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