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John MitchellJohn Mitchell


Of John’s 36 years of experience, 11 are as a private consultant, eight were as an environmental specialist, 17 as an engineer/land surveyor, and 5 as a social worker. John has been team building and facilitating groups within public organizations at various levels and times since 1972. The past 5 years he has worked as part time consultant in team building and facilitation. The previous three years he was an active member on three partnering teams with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) where he performed team leadership and facilitation for reaching decisions related to the investigation and cleanup of hazardous waste sites at military installations. He has one year of experience in facilitating group counseling of foster parents. Over a three-year period, he did part-time co-facilitation of the senior management staff of the FDEP in developing their Strategic Plan. He has 8 years of overall experience in the hazardous waste cleanup arena. John has in-depth experience in preparing teams to understand and use collective problem solving techniques. He has successfully worked with these public organizations to implement team based functioning and strategic planning.

John is experienced in leading and mediating project teams through problem solving efforts and in conflict resolution. Working as a team builder, leader, and facilitator, he has worked by collaborative consensus with groups to implement projects ranging from simple problem solving efforts to complete design projects.


  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Administer and interpreter (MBTI®)
  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation
  • Meeting Facilitation Team Leadership
  • Negotiation
  • Effective Listening

John’s 36 years of government experience also included counseling foster parents, foster children and the foster child's natural parent; engineering/land surveying of the public lands of the State of Florida; and as a Remediation Project Manager/Environmental Specialist for the investigation and cleanup of hazardous waste sites.

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