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Gus CampanaGus Campana


Gus has been associated with TME since 2005. He currently serves as facilitator for several Navy partnering teams involved in the environmental restoration of various naval bases. He held this same position for four years under a prior contract.

Previously, as a career Air Force officer, he developed and presented training courses for acquisition managers and program management professionals. He was also responsible for the professional advancement of 1,100 military and civilian auditors, and developed and inaugurated an Audit Intern School. He was also Resident Auditor of Edwards Air Force Base, and Chief of Acquisition Management Audit, Air Force Space Division, where he conducted the first audit of the USAF Space Shuttle Program. As Chief of Plans for the Air Force Ballistic Missile Office, Gus employed the first automated project management system to track the progress of the MX (Peacekeeper) missile program.

Following his Air Force career, Gus, consulted to major construction and A&E firms on the implementation and use of automated project management systems. He also conducted requirement reviews and analyses, and designed a source quality reporting system for Hughes Aircraft Company. Later, he managed a $3.2 million project to develop an automated management system for the Air Force.


  • DiSC® Administrator
  • MBTI® Administrator

In association with a technology interchange organization, he developed and participated in training to assist clients in implementing Total Quality Management (TQM). He wrote and directed related client training videos. In a related area, he managed the inauguration of an education program for reducing technical risk and increasing quality in the process of transitioning major DoD programs from development to production.

Gus’ academic background includes a Master’s in Education from the University of Southern California, a Bachelor of Business Administration from Manhattan College, Air Force Institute of Technology Systems Program Management School, Air University Professional Military Comptroller School, and Air War College.

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