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'The Management Edge


Team Building

The Management Edge® is pre-eminent in the building and maintaining of High Performance teams.

Team building has been our primary “calling” since our founding in 1986. No matter what kind of team you have, we probably have experience with one similar to it, such as:

  • Executives leading Fortune 500 companies
  • Scientists and engineers seeking innovative solutions to complex contaminated sites
  • Researchers developing ground-breaking answers to ages old or brand new questions
  • Management teams, project teams, emergency room teams, sports teams, volunteer teams, Police department and Fire Department teams
  • And, even, Public Works Department teams

We’ve been there, been successful and…we’ve learned from the varied experience.

In addition, we’ve had the unusual experience of having long-term responsibilities for the team building and facilitation of some of our teams. Which means that we know more about how teams mature and continue that most consulting firms.

TME’s particular expertise is in building teams in scientific and technical organizations, at both the executive and project level by “bridging the gap” between the people skills and the hard sciences. Our skills include working with highly contentious groups, teams that are stuck, as well as high risk and high conflict teams.

The Management Edge® model for team development and maintenance is based on modifications of the Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing Model of Bruce Tuckman, the Situational Leadership II model of Ken Blanchard, in addition to our own work.

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