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Organization Development

The Management Edge® is an Organization Development (OD) consulting firm whose intervention processes include data gathering and feedback, strategic interventions, culture change initiatives, strategic planning and decision making, dealing with difficult employees and executive coaching.

The Management Edge consultants are available to advise and assist clients on issues across the spectrum of management, organization, and business improvement.

Organization Development/Organization Effectiveness depends on gathering good data. Any plans developed from inadequate or erroneous data will, of course, be unsuccessful. (“Garbage in---Garbage out” remember?) the following sequence illustrates the beginning of an OD intervention:

  • Data gathering—surveys, interviews, observations (design is very important at this step to ensure that the data gathered is actually complete and candid
  • Analysis of the data
  • Organizational diagnosis, based on the data
  • Reports with recommendations and options to consider for implementing positive changes to increase organizational effectiveness, productivity, etc., depending on the client’s goals

Some of the other OD processes that follow organization diagnosis are listed below:

  • Organization diagnosis
  • Live data feedback
  • Action planning and implementation
  • Culture change initiatives
  • Large group intervention
  • Change management
  • Process Consulting and Process Mapping
  • Strategic planning
  • Systems thinking training

Within the context of Organization Development/Organization Effectiveness, TME specializes in those aspects of the organization which deal with productivity, collaborative work processes and workplace interactions. Team building, Partnering, many types of interpersonal and communication skills training and conflict resolution fall into this broad category.

Change management and strategic planning is another area of expertise and calls on many of the same skill sets.

All of our work is based on solid research in how organizational, group and individual dynamics. Our consultants have exemplary OD backgrounds and a commitment to continual learning in these fields.

Strategic Planning is an integral part of our consulting practice, because it is an integral part of creating successful outcomes for any venture. It is sometimes the formal focus of a session or can be informally woven into several sessions of team meetings. TME helps clients build plans that are implementable and achievable, and which effectively align the organization’s parts into a cohesive engaged framework committed to the same goals, vision and strategy.

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