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We provide professional facilitation services for meetings of all kinds, large and small, cohesive groups or disparate, contentious groups. The work of the facilitator is to help the group get the work of the group done, despite any interpersonal issues or group dysfunctions.

For us, facilitation is a set of skills, essential skills, that are only successful if utilized within the context of a broader understanding of group dynamics and the ability to keep one’s own agenda entirely separate from the group’s.

The ability to stay neutral and to stay focused on the group dynamics rather than the content being discussed are the two most essential abilities of a professional facilitator.

The facilitator manages the interpersonal and structural issues, making sure these are under control, so the team can relax and utilize their logic and technical skills to do the work they came together to accomplish.

A facilitator from The Management Edge is a highly trained and experienced professional whose work will accelerate the speed of a group’s work, enhance its quality and decrease the tension they experience in getting the work done.

Professional --- and effective --- facilitation requires a multitude of skills including:

  • Meeting management
  • Create agreement on “Rules of Engagement” – Ground Rules
  • Group process / group dynamics
  • Conflict management / resolution
  • Group problem solving
  • Group decision making
  • Consensus building
  • Discussion management
  • Agenda building
  • Coaching
  • Brainstorming
  • Knowledge of structured exercises & “ice breakers” to use appropriately
  • Ability to keep discussions focused within time constraints
  • Ensure recording of decisions, actions, and responsibilities for action items

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