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Case Studies

CLIENT:   United States Department of Defense
  Cross-Organizational Team Building and Culture Change
THE CHALLENGE:   In 1994, the General Accounting Office (GAO) testified to Congress that 10 billion dollars had been spent in the DOD Installation Restoration Program (IRP) in the prior ten years, yet over that period only two percent of sites had reached any stage of clean-up. Protracted delays due to litigation and inter-agency disagreements were jeopardizing the effectiveness of the Government’s multi-billion dollar program to clean up environmental contamination at military installations in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern states, as well as, all other regions of the nation.
THE RESPONSE:   Over the past eleven years, The Management Edge, Inc. has provided consulting, training, team building and meeting facilitation services to managers at Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Army, USEPA, and state environmental agencies to implement “Inter-Agency Partnering”, a culture change program intended to fundamentally transform the environmental restoration process by creating collaborative inter-agency teams.

A three-tiered management support structure was designed and implemented involving managers and base level staff. The Management Edge provided customized, targeted training for each level.

The Management Edge consultants work on an ongoing basis with management and base-level multi-agency teams to help maintain progress toward a common set of program goals, provide additional training and group interventions as needed, and provide real-time intervention in inter-personal conflicts. To date, The Management Edge has participated in over a 1,000 sessions at over 100 bases. (Figures need to be verified)
THE RESULT:   The old, inefficient, and adversarial “arms-length” regulatory relationship has been largely replaced by a collaborative, consensus-based approach allowing better, faster, more cost effective, and more innovative environmental decisions. Environmental standards are rigorously adhered to, yet by DOD’s own estimates*, this new approach has saved dozens of years and tens of millions of dollars, and will continue to deliver tangible benefits for the remaining lifetime of the clean-up program.

* For example, Air Force metrics report a 10 to 1 return on investment in dollars spent on Inter-Agency Partnering in the State of Florida alone.

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